Saturday, February 22, 2014

BABYMETAL - メギツネ - MEGITSUNE (Full ver.)

BABYMETAL 4th single "メギツネ "- MEGITSUNE, released on 19.June.2013

19.June.2013 Available!!

生まれた時から「オンナは女優よ」...... 時にBABYに、時にHEAVYに。
カワイイとカッコイイを自由自在に操りながら、「やまとなでしく」七変化!! シンボルマークのメロイックサインならぬ「キツネサイン」が虜にする、BABYMET­­AL流"祭りメタル"「メギツネ」見参!

In 2010, BABYMETAL was formed a unit on the theme of "Kawaii METAL" (The meaning is mix of J-POP IDOL and HEAVY METAL). The music video of "DOKI DOKI☆MORNIG" was published on YouTube, then access from overseas flooded with many comments shocked, and its presence have spread not only in Japan but also to overseas such as North America, South America, Europe and Asia. BABYMETAL is starting to receive attention beyond the idle and beyond Japan, and they are pursuing the road of the only one instead of the number one.

BABYMETAL【SU-METAL (Vocal,Dance) / YUIMETAL (Scream,Dance) / MOAMETAL (Scream,Dance) 】