Friday, April 25, 2014

BABYMETAL Interview on Hotwave 1 (English captions)

BABYMETAL Interview on Hotwave 1 (English captions)

Su, Moa & Yui discuss the pronunciation of BABYMETAL, the fox sign, Sakura Gakuin, and songs "IJIME, DAME, ZETTAI", "BABYMETAL DEATH" and "Catch Me If You Can".
This is an 18 min. part of the TV program "HOT WAVE" broadcasted on 2013 February 13th by TV Saitama.

All translations and notes are by Du-Enki. The best English translations of BABYMETAL can found at:


1. "We beg your kindness." is for Japanese "Yoroshiku onegai-shimasu." This is literally (a polite form of) "We hope you to do (all) things properly (=in our favor)". It stands in for "Nice to see you", "Thank you in advance", etc.

2. Sakura Gakuin (=Cherry Blossom School) is a girl group. It has 12 members as of 2013 Aug. It is compared to a school. Its sub groups are called "club activities". Their fans are called "fathers and elder brothers" (=guardians). And a member graduates from (=leave) the group when she graduates from junior high. SU, born on 1997 Dec. 20, graduated on 2013 Mar., and thereafter BABYMETAL is no longer its club activity while YUI and MOA still belong to Sakura Gakuin. Please see Wikipedia or else for more information.

3. In Japan, popular music was once called "light music" and the club activity is still called "keiongaku-bu" (=light music club) or "keion". So "juuon-bu" is rather "heavy music club" than "heavy sound club".

4. The students that don't belong to any club are sometimes called (a member of) "kitaku-bu" (=the go-home club).

5. "Nido-zuke" (=double dipping) is to put a food into a dipping source, take a bite, and put it back in. It's a bad manner. He suggests that an entertainer should not react twice.

6. "Getemono" (originally "low quality") has a negative feeling. It is used for every bizarre thing (food, fashion, etc). There is another word "chinmi" (=rare taste food), but it means almost "delicacy".

7. A girl, a top, a bottom, shoes and accessories are painted on a transparent card. These cards are layered on each other to make a coordinated fashion. These are Tomy's products "Millefeui Cards".

8. A stamp-size sticker is called "seal" and it is often used to seal the envelope.

9. In Japan, the graduation is typically late in March, and the entrance is typically early in April. And Somei-Yoshino, typical cherry trees, bloom in this period in most of Japan.

10. They don't speak any words between the tunes, but at last they call "We are...", the audience respond "BABYMETAL!", and with their "See you!", the live ends.

11. BABYMETAL Official write "No more bullying", but I think "ZETTAI" (=absolutely) is indispensable.

12. "BABYMETAL DEATH" is a tune of death-metal-like sound. It has no melody, only saying "B, A, B, Y, M, E, T, A L. / SU-METAL des_. YUIMETAL des_. MOAMETAL des_. BABYMETAL des_." repeatedly. For It's a play on words, "DEATH" and "des_". "BABYMETAL Desu" meaning "We are BABYMETAL".

13. "Catch Me If You Can" is based on children's play "kakuren-bo" (=hide-and-seek). Many words are borrowed from it.

14. "Keeki" is for "cake", and "genki" is for "energetic".

15. Mushi Production is an anime studio started in 1961 by Osamu TEZUKA, the Godfather of Anime.

16. "Nanja korya?" (=nanda korewa) means "What is this?". It is male language of some dialects. It may be the superlative of "nanda korewa". It is famous as Yusaku MATSUDA's word in a TV drama in 1974. A detective was unexpectedly shot by the man he had protected. Seeing his own bloody hand, he said "What's the fuck?" and then fell down dead. Yusaku himself plotted this part.